Yamaha YPG-235 - Digital Piano Review

Yamaha YPG-235 adds to its popular portable series - it has many powerful features, especially at an affordable price. There is a 6-track sequencer for instant song creation and a 267-digit music database listed in the song title to get your creativity - plus it uses a flash drive so you can easily download several songs to your YPG-235. Its 76-key design gives you plenty of buttons to express yourself, but it helps maintain enough light to carry your music with you. In addition, it has a USB connection, so you can easily use the Yamaha YPG-235 on your computer.

If you are looking for an inexpensive piano replacement, YPG-235 is a good choice. This is the answer of a music student or professional musician to "I need more keys!" A good keyboard solution will grow with the needs of their students. It has 76 unweighted keys that not only look like piano keys, but also have a gradient soft touch action (GST) with different levels of resistance, which makes it easier for beginning musicians to switch to an acoustic or digital piano.

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Full keyboard mode
The piano theme YPG-235 uses a special fingering mode, called the full keyboard mode. This allows you to play the keyboard, for example, on a piano, for example, on the right hand and on the left bass. The virtual bar will follow these chords when using the accompaniment function. Traditional portable keyboards usually require that you be on the left side of the keyboard, which is not familiar to most piano players. However, for those who like or are accustomed to this, the YPG-235 can also use this mode.

Yamaha training kit: help in learning the game
The YPG-235 has 30 built-in songs and 70 included CD-ROMs so you can learn how to play with the Yamaha training package. Songs are divided into left and right sections, offering 7 levels of lessons and a handy chord dictionary.

6-track sequencer
Imagine that you captured the first performance of your child or recorded your own songs. With YPG-235, you can record one or more parts of the instrument at a time using the built-in multi-track recorder and assign each part to another channel. Six tracks are available to accommodate complex melodies, chord chords and rhythm parts.

Connecting to a computer: USB and Flash ROM
In addition to the 30 built-in songs and 70 CDs, the YPG-235 can be connected to the computer via USB so you can download more songs from the Internet to the internal flash drive (for PC only) and use all the features of Yamaha Education Suite. Help you learn how to play them. Yamaha can easily connect to new PC-buttons. Now the button is a highway where you play music on the Internet and on your computer, and not through the function menu and labyrinth options. In addition, after connection, you can play songs on your computer (PC and Mac), edit them, if necessary, and send them to your friends and relatives. And with the universal compatibility of MIDI (GM) and XGlite, the song data is always played in the right sound.

There are many great features in writing songs.
You will like the built-in 6-track sequencer YPG-235 - ideal for capturing moments of inspiration and creating them right away. The Easy Song Arranger function YPG-235 allows you to recompile MIDI files so that you can play them the way you want, while YPG has 489 high-quality XGlite / GM sounds for more expressive playback. You can also improve your sound with layers and separation modes - play with bass notes with your left hand and control the strings with your right hand! Once you have finished sorting the parts, you can easily save the songs to your computer using USB - or simply place a portable USB flash drive, and you can carry your project along with you!

On board are training aids
The YPG-235 is equipped with a Yamaha training kit to provide you with interactive lessons for developing piano skills and even controlling your progress. It has 30 internal songs and 70 CDs, so you can play with more complex pieces in the "timely" practice of the game. Its Flash ROM memory also allows you to download more songs - you can even connect your USB drive to the YPG-235 to add your favorite MIDI songs so you can learn them through the educational package!

Perfect piano for all levels of players
From beginners to the most experienced players, the YPG-235 is an excellent portable piano. It has a wheel with a pitch bend and a sustain pedal for expressive work, as well as five types of pre-installed basic equalizers for engraving the correct sound from 489 sounds. Two-way stereo speakers with a bass port, right on the board, so you can immediately play it, and it's also a connector for